Legal Protections For Maintaining Relationships With Children

As a parent, you want to protect your relationship with your children. Whether you are in the process of a divorce, or attempting to get custody of your child, or seeking visitation with your kids, you need to make sure that your rights are protected. The good news is that there are legal protections that help you maintain your relationships with your children, regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Family Life Laws

Under Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), parents and legal guardians are protected from discrimination, violence or abuse by a third party who has access to their child. This is an important part of ensuring that children are raised in a healthy environment and have the opportunity to grow up with their parents.

This is also important for families that are separated, as it can be difficult to ensure that children have continued relationships with both parents following a divorce. This is why the CRC states that all parents and their legal guardians have a right to visitation with their children.

Custody & Parenting Time

In cases where there is a divorce, one of the most important things that can be done for your children is to come up with a parenting plan. A parenting plan can help you to figure out how to divide your time with your children, as well as what will happen regarding school, medical appointments and other matters.

When you work with an experienced divorce & family attorney in Miami, you can be sure that your court order will provide you with the best possible terms for your parenting arrangement. Ultimately, your goal is to work out a plan that will be in the best interests of your children and you.

Fathers’ Rights

Historically, fathers have often been left out of child custody decisions in favor of mothers. This can cause a lot of resentment and anxiety for fathers who want to be involved in their children’s lives.

However, there are many laws that are designed to support fathers in their efforts to remain involved in the lives of their children. This includes laws pertaining to custody, visitation and support arrangements.

The main concern for fathers is that many of these laws are based on gender bias. This can lead to fathers being denied a fair share of parenting time or a shared custody arrangement with their children.

This can negatively impact your relationship with your children and affect their development. If you are struggling with these issues, contact an experienced fathers’ rights lawyer in Miami to learn how you can defend your rights and be a better parent.

Family Laws in Illinois

Under the Illinois Family Law Act, courts are required to make decisions that are in the best interest of the children, and this is a key consideration when determining a parenting plan. The court must consider the age of the child and the relationship of the parents before making a decision about custody or visitation.

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